Sunday's Announcements


We have no pressing announcements for you today, but please keep our synod's youth and leaders in your prayers as both are in conference or will be soon. The youth will be in New Orleans and the Synodical Convention is in Milwaukee. Get updates on our own youth at the Gathering via our Facebook page!

Also, please take note of the sign-up buttons in the sidebar or at the bottom of our Outreach page.
If you are looking for simple ways to be involved at LFLC, maybe consider teaching Sunday School a few weeks out of the year, volunteering in the nursery (there's only 2 days left to fill!), or running our sound system during Sunday services (which requires VERY minimal knowledge of technology). If you have any questions regarding these areas, you'll find the contact info on their individual sign-up sheets.

Worship Participants

Elders:  Jay Esche and Craig Neubauer
Organist:  Olga Belyayeva
Acolyte: Colten Koester
Crucifer:  Braiden Koester
Altar:  Danette Kane and Judy Wallace
Cantor:  Mark Wallace
Greeters:  Lance and Karen Pearch
Nursery:  April Blood
Sound System:  Grant Frerking
Ushers:  Tom Johnson and Terry Stinson elder families
Offering Counters:  Jennifer Newell and Tony Welburn