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The Lord’s Supper

Scripture teaches that the Lord's Supper is a precious gift of God in which Christ gives us His true body and blood (in a miraculous way), together with the bread and wine, for the forgiveness of our sins and the strengthening of our faith. Because the Bible teaches that this Sacrament may also be spiritually harmful if misused, and that participation in the Lord's Supper is an act of confession of faith, the LCMS ordinarily communes only those who have been instructed in the teachings of our church and who have confessed their faith in these teachings.

Our Worship Service

Confessional Worship

People often think that worship is about what we do for or toward God.  The reality is quite different.  True worship always begins with what God does for us.  The Athanasian Creed teaches us that true Christian worship can be recognized in two ways.  First, we worship the God Who reveals Himself as Triune, that is, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit IN HIS HOLY WORD.  The second way we recognize Christian worship is that it is centered on Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God. In worship, God gives His grace and then we respond with thanks and praise.

Worship Times

Bible Study 
9:00 A.M.
Sunday Worship
10:15 A.M.
12:30 P.M. (Korean)

Our Location

1171 Atlanta Hwy, Cumming, GA 30040

Pastor & Staff

Rev. Tim Droegemueller – Senior Pastor

Pastor Droegemueller is a sinner who was given new life through the power of God's Word and Spirit in Holy Baptism.  His only desire is to preach Christ and Him crucified to all, faithfully teach the Word of God, and to see people brought into full fellowship with our loving God through Jesus and His gifts of grace.  He and his wife, Susan, have six children: Jacob, Luke, Isaac, Elijah, Matthew, and Anna.

Rev. Chang Soo Kim – Senior Pastor

Pastor Kim serves the Lord as a Lutheran pastor because of the conviction he has about the word of God.  He treasures the truth of what is revealed in the Holy Scripture and boldly proclaims it to all.  In all challenges and trials of life, he points people to the mercy of the cross of Christ and the eternal victory that is ours through Jesus' death and resurrection.  He and his wife, Hyang, consider it a great joy to serve God's People.

Upcoming Events

Our congregational photo sessions are coming up, and if you haven’t done so already, please use the link below to register so that we can have your picture in our upcoming directory.

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The Lutheran hour is teaming up with Living Faith to put on the Personal Outreach Experience. In it you will learn how to share your faith biblically, simply, and confidently. Use the Link below to sign up, or click on the Facebook event for more information.

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****JOIN US FOR AN EXCITING WEEK OF VBS!!!****When: June 15th - 19thTime: 9:00am - NoonWhere: Living Faith Lutheran...

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